While performing a rhinoplasty, commonly known to many as a nose job, many imperfections within the nose can also be repaired, including:

  • Deviated septum
  • Turbinate reduction

Working on the outside appearance of the nose, acosmetic plastic surgeoncan also improvea nose at the same timeby, say, shortening it or narrowing the tip.

Rhinoplasty correctionDuring 2010, the most current year for which statistics exist, rhinoplastywasperformed on252,000American noses yearly, making nose reshaping the most popularfacial plastic surgical procedure.

(Read how many nose jobs the various age groups – teens, 20s, 30s and even people over 65 are having.)

The most important thing is to reshape the nose in a way that achieve a more symmetry andbalance so that the nose fits the face and adds to patients’ improved appearances by creating a better profile.

At the same time, the basic function of the nose is healthy breathing. So it first of all, it must functional well. Rhinoplasty can reshape the nose in numerous ways. Consequently, bulky nosesare made smaller, drooping tips are lifted and humps are removed from the bridge of the nose. In many cases of patients with receding chin lines, some chin augmentation is also done to better balance the profile.

 The top of your nose could be molded to a desired shape which is needed by sculpting your cartilages and re-draping your skin.

Basic approaches at the start of arhinoplasty procedure include:

  • The open technique
  • The closed technique

In the open technique, the surgeon makes a small incision in the bottom of the nose (facing your shoes) in theColumella, the little strip of skin separating the two nostrils. Then, the doctor peels back the nasal skin and opens the internal structure of the nose to a clear view, much like opening the hood of a car and then working in the engine compartment.

But in the closed technique – which requires much more skill and many more years of practice — the surgeon makes all the internal repairs with no incision at all on the outside of the nos. Instead he or she only works through the nostrils. That can be compared to a highly skilled car mechanic who is so gifted he can repair your engine by working through the grill.

In many cases, nasal augmentationis performed by using a broad array of natural and silicone implant materials, including small pieces of cartilage donations from your ears or ribs.

Robert Kotler, M.D., has performing cosmetic plastic surgeries of the head and neck exclusively for over 33 years; Dr. Kotler is:

  • Board certified in head and neck surgery, (Otolaryngology)
  • Has performed over 4000 nasal surgeries
    • A clinical instructor in the division of head and neck surgery in the department of surgery at UCLA medical school.

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