beverly hills revision rhinoplastyWhile Beverly Hills lays check-by-jowl with the much larger city of Los Angeles, the so-called “Golden Ghetto” of Beverly Hills is often referred to as the Mecca of global plastic surgery.

Although you may get an argument from New York City’s Park Avenue rhinoplasty surgeons, people worldwide travel to Beverly Hills to receive what is widely considered the world’s best cosmetic plastic surgery from the globe’s best plastic surgeons.

With plastic surgery hotspots all over the globe, how did a small municipality like Beverly Hills land atop the heap?

The movies have a lot to do with it. After World War I, when so many British and American soldiers with terrible facial injuries started having plastic surgery, the Hollywood movie industry noticed that such a growing medical specialty could improve the appearance of many aging stars.

Over the years, plastic surgeons opened their offices in Beverly Hills which has been a bedroom community to the Hollywood movie industry for at least nine decades.

But does that mean that a Beverly Hills nose job is only for the rich and famous? Hardly!

People from all over the United States also come to Beverly Hills for rejuvenation surgery. While doing business in the Golden Ghetto has a slightly higher overhead than in, say, Los Angeles or San Diego, rhinoplasty surgery is still affordable, thanks to the competition among so many cosmetic plastic surgeons in one relatively small place.

While you may pay perhaps 10 percent more than having surgery in an outlying area, there are certain intangibles you receive.

Thanks to the huge nearby medical schools at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles ) and USC (University of Southern California) many Beverly Hills plastic surgeons not only teach there, but learn about the latest techniques, findings and research in the surgical rejuvenation arts.

The benefit for a rhinoplasty or other plastic surgery patient? Whatever it is, Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeons have seen it before. That includes the entire spectrum of ugly, strange or heretofore unknown complications that can crop up during, or after, surgery.


Price is important to many, so consider what is involved if a first surgery is botched and must be done over again.

Because revision plastic surgery is so much more difficult and requires much more time, experience and training, it can cost two to four times the amount of a first surgery.

So it’s very important to have the best result possible in the first surgery.

Don’t leave it to guesswork: have a look at some first rhinoplasty and revision nose job before and after pictures.

By selecting a topBeverly Hills rhinoplasty specialist like Robert Kotler, MD, FACS, you might pay slightly more, yet you are more than certain to get the best possible results. It’s the same as having an insurance policy in your pocket or purse.

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