Revision Rhinoplasty in Los Angeles – Dr. Robert Kotler

I am a cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills and have performed more than 10,000 major cosmetic procedures over the past 30 years in private practice. As a spokesperson for cosmetic surgeons, I regularly appear on radio and television, including ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox News; and, on Oprah, Deborah Norville Tonight, Paula Zahn, 48 Hours, Your World With Neil Cavuto, EXTRA, Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood.

Also, on the first two seasons of E! Entertainments Dr. 90210, I was a featured surgeon and commentator. In addition, I have been interviewed by leading magazines and newspapers, including Allure, National Enquirer, Parade, Time, Los Angeles Magazine, USA Weekend, US Weekly, In Touch Weekly, Health, Self, W, Town & County, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

As well as being a teacher at both USC and UCLA, and an Attending Surgeon at the West L.A. Veterans Medical Center, I am a former Major, Medical Corps, U.S. Army. I have served as a Consultant to the Medical Board of California and the City and County of Los Angeles.

Additionally, I am the author of the publics category best-seller SECRETS OF A BEVERLY HILLS COSMETIC SURGEON, The Experts Guide to Safe, Successful Surgery. Along with, THE ESSENTIAL COSMETIC SURGERY COMPANION, Dont Consult A Cosmetic Surgeon Without This Book!

Beyond my published books for the general public, I am the author of The Consumers Guidebook to Cosmetic Facial Surgery and Chemical Rejuvenation of the Fac, A medical text, used by physicians worldwide. Furthermore, I am credited with over 51 medical publications and have contributed to 10 other books for both physicians and the public.


As seen on E! Entertainment’s Dr. 90210, Dr. Robert Kotler is the founder of the Cosmetic Surgery Specialists Group of Beverly Hills. As a Beverly Hills rhinoplasty, septoplasty specialist and faical plastic surgeon, Dr. Kotler has performed more than 10,000 major procedures during his 31 years in private practice. He is a Clinical Instructor, Head and Neck Surgery at UCLA Medical Center and the author of the best-selling Secrets Of A Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon, The Expert’s Guide To Safe, Successful Surgery and The Essential Cosmetic Surgery Companion, Don’t Consult A Cosmetic Surgeon Without This Book! Dr. Kotler is credited with 52 medical publications and presentations and he has been a contributor to 14 medical textbooks and books on cosmetic and plastic surgery for the public.

Dr. Kotler’s practice is limited to cosmetic surgery of the face and neck exclusively.

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