Revision Rhinoplasty if You have Diabetes?

When you first visit a nasal surgeon, he will let you know that any cosmetic surgery is an elective surgery. That is, you don’t need it right now – as opposed to surgery after an auto wreck or to correct a life-threating condition like a heart attack.   So, all READ MORE

Rhinoplasty revision patients: What’s in their Minds?

If, according to one professional organization of plastic surgeons, a quarter of all first rhinoplasties do not please the patient or are somehow botched, what could be in the minds of patients who want a revision rhinoplasty?   Plastic surgeon Mark Constantian, M.D. of Saint Joseph Hospital in Nashua, New READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Revisions & Infections

When a typical nose job revision patient reports to a master plastic surgeon to repair one or more botched rhinoplasties, the surgeon never knows what he or she is going to find inside the patient’s nose.   Why? The noses’ insides look different after other surgeries. One study found the READ MORE

NonSurgical Rhinoplasty – A Test Shows it Works

When it comes to looking at other people, the nose is the anchor of the face, with eyes being the runner-up. A pleasing, proportionate nose balances the other features in a person’s face to create a handsome face in men and beautiful face in a woman. In a face with READ MORE
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